Danko and Ana Steiner Document Raf Simons' Revamp of the American Fashion House

  • Photography: Danko Steiner

This is not America, echoes the voice of David Bowie. The ocean is a spectrum of fluidity — there’s an ambiguity about the seashore on an overcast day that inhibits specificity. If you washed ashore tomorrow, where would you be? Raf Simons’ debut at CALVIN KLEIN does not ask to be defined. It is an alloy of work-wear, decadence and functionality — a leveraging, perhaps, of his experience with furniture design. The epitome of luxury, when something wears as well as it looks. The divide between wet and dry closes and seeps into an emulsion of utility and sensuality. This could be a miracle, for this is not America. Welcome to CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC.

  • Photography: Danko Steiner
  • Styling: Ana Steiner
  • Models: Kaia, Dante / Midland Agency