Leigh Miller

Leigh Miller Newman found cause in the lost and unconventional process of wax casting after nearly a decade in the fashion industry. Receiving her degree in design at the OTIS in Los Angeles, and shortly thereafter working for Calvin Klein, among others in New York, Newman found new inspiration in the craft and history of glass and metal working. Pouring brass, sterling silver, and gold into hand-sculpted wax molds allows the jewelry brand to maximize the irregular forms that come from an unorthodox method. Natural patterns and art deco-era designs inspire a collection of fine-crafted objects, ranging from Dali-inspired drop earrings adorned with semi-precious multicolor stones, as well as odes to famed British sculptor Barbara Hepworth’s avant-garde forms. Achieving a full spectrum of design sensibilities and reducing design ethos of the 20th century into an intimate minimalism, the label’s signature abstract forms possess both the quality of intricate leaves of algae and the wide plateaus of geographical planes.

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