Reliability, comfort, and stylistic integrity are all qualities that can be easily associated with contemporary designer women’s briefs. This season’s selection follows the beloved tradition of quality-made briefs that are built to tackle any and all of life’s challenges. Soft, breathable cotton jersey options hug the body effortlessly to provide quiet encouragement for active lifestyles, while embroidered lace undergarments accentuate femininity and add a layer of sophistication to this simplistic garment. Oft overlooked, women’s briefs are the silent hero of every wardrobe: coming in a multitudinous array of cuts and shapes to match the needs of any wearer. Silk satin variations featuring cut-out detailing embody refined elegance and frame the female form with delicate reverence. Elsewhere, patterned high-waisted briefs playfully alter the expected silhouette in semi-sheer tulle and stretch silks. This collection of women’s designer briefs provides an idealistic glimpse into what high-end underwear can accomplish: luxurious comfort paired with an indispensable sense of form-fitting pride.

Wolford - Black Elsa Briefs


Black Elsa Briefs