VIP Socks

Very Important Puppies (VIP) offers refined luxury dog-wear that resists the trend towards cutesy condescension often found in the world of canine fashion. The brainchild of sisters Sabrina Albarello and Katerina Karelas, VIP understands pets are prized members of any family, and deserve to be dressed as such. With a dogged devotion to making pooches of all kinds comfortable, VIP pieces—whether from an original collection or one of its impressive array of collaborations—incorporate details to cater to a diverse range of dog sizes and gaits. Leather bombers, sherpa hoodies, and a range of padded puffers guarantee to keep your pup cozy come rain or shine. While elevated takes on collars, leashes, and waste-bag dispensers ensure your dog stays runway-ready, even while circling the block. With a devotion to humor as well as functionality, Very Important Puppies draws owner and pet closer than ever, and represents a new breed of animal apparel.

There are currently no products available for VIP Socks.

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