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Young luxury womenswear label Sies Marjan was founded in 2016 by Central Saint Martin’s graduate Sander Lak. The Dutch designer worked with renowned fashion houses in both Europe and North America, notably Dries Van Noten, prior to his much-lauded New York Fashion Week debut. The label’s distinctive éclat stems from the fearlessness with which it embraces candy-bright tones and lush textures in unexpected pairings; androgynous pieces are presented alongside hyper-feminine confections, revealing a strong, if eclectic, point of view. Sumptuous silk dresses drape romantically around the body, while trousers and flared skirts project nonchalant cool in crisp cotton. Riotous ruffles and unique criss-cross construction lend themselves to dramatic proportion play, further asserting the sense of joyful freshness that underlies the collection as a whole.

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Sies Marjan - Brown Croc Kaya Mules

Sies Marjan

Brown Croc Kaya Mules