Rudi Gernreich Shoes

Resurrected thirty-three years after the passing of designer Rudi Gernreich, the label's contemporary iteration translates Gernreich's initial vision into current understanding and sensibilities. Especially prolific in the sixties, Gernreich is responsible for many of today's swimwear, underwear, and lingerie staples including the thong and monokini. The late designer was among the first to use vinyl and plastic in the construction of his pieces as well as pioneering the cut-out dress. Championing equality and sexual liberation, Gernreich used his clothing as vessels to deliver powerful messages while dedicating himself to the advancement of those causes. Timing is everything as the label's revival taps into those founding values to create equally impactful messages adapted to the current creative and sartorial atmospheres. Reintroducing Rudi Gernreich's design language, the luxury label presents multiple iterations and riffs on the monokini, bikini tops and bottoms, one-piece swimsuits, and cut-out dresses. Balaclavas, bodysuits, bras, and strategic uses of hardware complete the tableau of a new Gernreichian fashion.

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