Ratio et Motus Socks

Advancing an anti-‘it bag' ideology, New York City leather handbag label Ratio et Motus’ employs environmentally sustainable materials and practices to create its modernist-leaning designs. The Latin translation of its name⁠—“sense and emotion”⁠—encapsulates the house’s philosophy, one that endeavours to achieve an equilibrium between these two foundations. This duality is most evident in the label’s Twin Frame bag, based on an archetypal 1950’s style but cleverly updated to emanate a modern versatility. Co-founders and veteran handbag designers Angela Wang and Daniel Li deftly distill this composed consciousness into Ratio et Motus’ forever-timeless aesthetic of clean-lined, vintage-inspired bags, intended to stand out in a sea of maximalist accessories. The sophisticated architectural shapes of the Sister Frame and Lady bags are elevated with its signature nickel-free plated brass twist closures and water-repellent vegan leather lining, and beautifully finished with accentuated top handles. Solicitously Wang and Li use responsibly sourced premium Italian leather from only ethical tanneries with low carbon footprints, minimum toxic waste usage, and low water consumption.

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