Pushbutton Bras

Conceptually avant-garde Korean label Pushbutton was founded in 2003 by Seung Gun Park with the aim to create streetwear that fuses opposites into exciting and playful silhouettes. Seamlessly coalescing sexy and sporty, feminine and masculine, and past with future, the Seoul-based brand has come to be known for its unique reinterpretations of beauty that transcend time. Since debuting at Seoul Fashion Week 2010, the label's quirky designs caught the attention die-hard fashion aficionados and industry elites, who are constantly searching for the next big movement. As a child of the 80’s and 90’s, Park endeavors to accentuate styles from decades past, while at once creating futuristic and genderless designs that aim to surpass trends and remain timeless. Taking its name from Madonna’s lyrics “Push the button, don’t push the button” in the song “Hollywood”, the founder, a former K-Pop star, considers her a personal muse. Akin to Madonna’s ability to reinvent herself, taking risks and pushing boundaries is Pushbutton’s driving force behind crafting unique detailing, patterns, and forms that ultimately set their collections apart. Wrapped in pastel hues and bright colors, advanced material development and innovative textile weaves – along with unexpected fabric combinations – ensure a rich point-of-difference. Pleated check skorts and oversized blazers revitalize classic looks, while cleverly integrated straps and intricate washes elevate denim garments.

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