Pihakapi Bras

Described as the ‘leather workshop for the future,’ Canadian designer Vejas Kruszewski modernizes the heritage of luxury manufacturing with experimental design under his new label, Pihakapi. Developed in partnership with Italian luxury leather manufacturer Pellemoda, Pihakapi retains impeccable quality of construction and materials while offering a fresh reinterpretation of iconic unisex wardrobe staples. With a focus on the visceral medium of leather, the self-taught LVMH Special Prize winner elevates classic jeans, biker jackets, and trench coats with innovative construction techniques and unconventional colorways. Kruszewki’s evocation of animal-imagery doesn’t stop at his expert manipulation of leather - his designs are permeated with allusions to various creatures: long pointed collars reference a bull’s horns while stag beetles’ silhouettes inspire slick horn-like embellishments. Seamlessly integrating the ostensibly disparate aesthetics of Italian couture and futuristic sci-fi imagery, Pihakapi’s stylistic fluidity is reflective of the ever-evolving sartorial inclinations of the contemporary age.

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