NOR Accessories

NOR, Nature Of Reality, captures the contemporary zeitgeist with a collection of futuristic, gender-fluid small-frame designs. Canadian designer Orion Demetrioff’s avant-garde label debuted at the 2018 incarnation of the influential MIDO Milan Eyewear industry trade show, achieving quick recognition for its unique aesthetic concept. Motivated by an underlying philosophy of transformation, NOR mines styles associated with social movements of the past five decades, including 70’s punk and 90’s rave cultures. As fashion can be a Trojan horse for meaningful social change, slipping past the status quo at the micro-level, Demetrioff strives to produce refined-yet-outlandish pieces that might have cultural impact by imagining the future. His pieces are thus realized ‘in another dimension’ to channel the infinite possibilities of what has yet to transpire, with a futurist aesthetic calibrated to channel past influences into a gateway towards new ways of life. Stainless steel frames inhabit a unique symmetry, inhabiting 90’s cyberpunk trends while diverting them towards a more grandiose and dynamic endpoint.

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