Kassl Editions Bras

KASSL Editions was founded in 2018 by a collective of Amsterdam and Antwerp-based designers who came together with the intention of creating a single product: a democratically-cut unisex coat. Offering the coat in four different lengths, KASSL Editions seeks to transcend conventional notions of gender by blurring the lines between traditional categories of men’s and women’s outerwear. Conceptualized in Kassel, the German city best known for its Documenta art festival, KASSL Editions plays with artistic notions of hyperreality (a theme found in much German art), with many of its fabrics mimicking the textural intricacies of skin. Each coat unites the functional properties of utility-wear with the luxurious properties inherent to Italian textiles, resulting in a high-quality product that is at once rugged yet refined. Arriving in a variety of exciting colors, water-resistant textiles, and reinforced closures, each coat is treated individually, with lacquer and oil coatings being some of the label’s defining hallmarks. KASSL Editions combines fine tailoring with a minimalist sensibility to create a coat that is both timeless and modern. Constructed with durability in mind, KASSL Editions promises a coat that is intended to last a life-time.

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