Jordache Jackets

Groundbreaking is a term that gets thrown around often enough to have lost much of its impact, but Jordache's timely fusion of European design to the quintessentially American blue jean was exactly that when the brand injected itself into the public sphere with a series of provocative ads in the late 70s. Lead designer Benjamin Talley-Smith has created an eye-catching collection centered around the jeans that embody the Jordache look—high-rise and slim-fit, with signature topstitching and a graphic patch at the back. Though manufactured in Los Angeles, the collection doesn’t shy away from referencing Jordache’s New York City origins through a series of graphic t-shirts, cropped oversized denim jackets, and a discotheque-ready tie-dye denim ensemble. As the erosion of authenticity and reality continuously accelerates, it comes as no surprise that a brand so deeply tied to the bright and smoky hedonism of early club culture can mark out a new space to thrive within the current collective consciousness.

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