Ingy Stockholm Shoes

The inspiration for jewelry label Ingy Stockholm came during a walk through Stockholm’s royal garden, where Ingela Klemetz-Farago, designer and one-half of photography duo alongside husband Peter Farago, spotted a sculptural piece of tree bark which she brought home and transformed into a pair of earrings. Drawing equally upon the serene powers of nature and the brutalist sculptures of Louise Nevelson and Louise Bourgeois, the husband-and-wife duo reinvent and recontextualize found organic objects as sartorial objects d’art. All Ingy Stockholm earrings are completely one-of-a-kind: each mismatched pair crafted from 100-year old, time-weathered pieces of wood. Once sourced, each fragment of tree bark is either gilded or hand-painted in colors inspired by the natural landscape from which they came—the blue of the sky, the silver and gold of the earth, the red of flowing magma. Massive, raw, and graphically bold, the label’s shoulder-sweeping designs are deliberately created in stark contrast to the zeitgeist’s minimalist-leaning adornments. The brand’s earrings take on, instead, the unabashed maximalism of a true statement piece, their unorthodox size and form exuding a feminine strength and otherworldly elegance.

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