GR-Uniforma Lounge Pants

Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy founded GR-Uniforma in 2018 with the intention of building a brand around the concept of community—of belonging to a group via a shared uniform. Intended as a multidisciplinary project, or gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art), GR-Uniforma extends beyond the confines of fashion, integrating art, photography, and music into its aesthetic discourse. Moving away from seasonal collections, Rubchinskiy envisions each collection as a "chapter" belonging to a yet-to-be-completed play. As such, the uniform, acting as a symbol through which Rubchinskiy expresses notions of identity and belonging, is always transforming and evolving: it is never static. Through GR-Uniforma, Rubchinskiy captures the essence of Russian youth and contemporary post-Soviet culture, ultimately asking what it means to be Russian in the twenty-first century. The utilitarian streetwear-inspired label features paneled track pants, 80s-style windbreakers, patchworked denim, and oversized leather jackets. Accessories include bucket hats, socks, and belts emblazoned with logo prints in Cyrillic. By engaging with notions of identity and belonging, Rubchinskiy addresses global issues that extend beyond those of his homeland. As such, Rubchinskiy offers his uniform to all, inviting everyone to take part in the universal community that is GR-Uniforma.

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GR-Uniforma - White & Navy Patchwork Lounge Pants


White & Navy Patchwork Lounge Pants