D'heygere Socks

A graduate from Antwerp’s prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and alumnus of Maison Margiela and Dior, Stéphanie D’heygere established her eponymous jewelry label in 2018, quickly garnering industry acclaim for her inventive and thought-provoking pieces. The Paris-based jeweler creates unisex jewelry and accessories in response to the currents of daily life, balancing form and function with a focus on bold minimalist compositions. Exhibiting the wit and avant-garde spirit as her cited influences, artists Marcel Duchamp and Marcel Broodthaers, D’heygere navigates the interplay between opposites—luxury and ordinary, reality and representation—re-imagining mundane materials and commonplace objects as innovative adornments. Dualities and contradictions intertwine among a range of eclectic accessories including fanny packs in the style of shirt sleeves, ballpoint pens-cum-keyrings, clear leather belts, and the label’s signature piece, the Canister Hoop earring. Devised as miniature vessels to hold personal effects and found objects, from cigarettes to fresh-cut flowers, D’heygere’s iconic hoop earrings embody the designer’s ethos of fluidity and personalization, subtly adapting themselves to the wearer’s daily motions and creative impulses.

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