Aries Shoes

Aries works within the interspace between luxury label refinement and streetwear’s anarchic character, putting forth a fresh vision of high-end casual womenswear with a finely sharpened design edge. The label’s philosophy is distilled from the dynamic industry experience and personal vision of Italian-born, UK-based designer Sofia Prantera, who founded Aries in 2012 after working long stints with cult labels Slam City Skates and Silas. Having completed a degree from London’s Central Saint Martins, and subsequently maintained a love of high fashion through her streetwear years, Prantera sought to experiment with a new hybrid label. The result of this vision has proved a cult hit, striking a chord with discerning sartorialists through a singular blend of influences, footnoting anti-fashion youth movements and elegantly conceived luxury women’s couture with equal ease. Using ethically and ecologically sound production, Aries revives and updates the raw potential and edgy subculture applications of early 2000’s streetwear while embracing modern femininity that counterbalances androgynous silhouettes. Plush sherpa hoodies and lounge pants are modified with contrasting satin panels, just as arresting graphics and patterned prints advance relaxed cotton jersey staples. Luxurious lingerie is delicately crafted from premium lace, while minimalist cotton underwear echoes vintage sportswear cut for comfortability.

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