Vancouver-based designer Raif Adelberg launched Herman in 2016, with the aim of creating a collection that would reflect his lifelong love affair with alternative culture and fashion experimentation. Backed by his reputation for ahead-of-the-curve aesthetics and DIY appeal, the streetwear pioneer’s core message is to promote authenticity in the face of watered-down trend cycles. Adelberg’s inspiration is distilled from a youth immersed in Los Angeles' skate and surf culture, in addition to the punk music scene of the early 90’s. He also cites the glitz, glamor, and gender-bending sex appeal of rock icons as one of the influences behind his bold, gender-neutral designs. Luxurious materials and precise attention to detail elevate casual wardrobe staples to statement-piece heights; far from enforcing prescriptive fashion rules, the collection’s distinctive fabric treatments, studs, and leopard print linings prompt the wearer to recontextualize them within their own unique style profile.

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