When Houston-born jeweller William Shott sought out to craft his own definitive rendition of the often-duplicated ‘Jesus piece’ necklace, the unique result immediately graced the necks of fashion and music industry influencers alike. A mere five years later, Shott’s WWW.WILLSHOTT label has attained unforeseen heights, with his recognizably glacial jewelry embellishing a number of runway shows, while an ongoing collaboration with multidisciplinary creative Trouble Andrew has paved the way for Gucci-assisted design opportunities. With a reputation that quickly overgrew its initially restricted word-of-mouth status, WWW.WILLSHOTT proposes one its very first full-fledged collections, which includes updated variations on the ever-popular Jesus piece featured alongside newly-integrated marblestone embellishments and sculpted, stackable rings. Though the label’s dot com era-referencing prefix acknowledges its own Internet-fuelled cultural currency, the minute craftsmanship and tasteful aestheticism of WWW.WILLSHOTT pushes beyond fleeting novelty to assert itself as a veritable time-enduring fixture of men’s jewelry.

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WWW.WILLSHOTT - Silver Solid Crown Of Thorns Ring


Silver Solid Crown Of Thorns Ring