Vier Sweatpants

Through a reinvigorated interest in the interplay between high-end tailoring and streetwear, sweatpants have attained centerpiece-status in many of this season’s menswear collections. This latest range of men’s sweatpants thrives on unexpected versatility and unfussy statement-making, concurrently integrating elements of both casual and formal wear using a number of different approaches. High-performance technicality plays against a tendency to toy with proportion in an effort to deconstruct any preconceptions regarding sportswear silhouettes. Relaxed-fit sweatpants are an unlikely canvas for bold branded graphics, while elsewhere, iconic trademarks are integrated to connote timeless athleticism. In all instances, the sweatpant has proven to be a versatile platform that allows free-form experimentation with forward-thinking structures that strive for both unfazed aloofness and avant-garde tastemaking. Upgraded fabrics and carefully tailored cuts allow many of these pieces to pair equally well with formal leather footwear and technical sneakers, ushering in a new era that redefines the boundaries of high fashion.

There are currently no products available for Vier Sweatpants.

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