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Japanese designer Teppei Fujita began his career in fashion working as a pattern maker for Yohji Yamamoto before going on to launch his own label, Sulvam, in 2013. The brand’s distinctive debut collection earned Fujita the prestigious Tokyo Fashion Award for its playfully deconstructed and reimagined take on traditional men’s ready-to-wear. Fujita relies upon his mastery of garment construction in the realization of his precisely-tailored styles, which are then subjected to a course of selective destruction encompassing frayed edges, asymmetric hems, and artfully imperfect seams. What results is a cohesive menswear collection that, for all its meticulously-considered design elements, dazzles the viewer with an impression of off-the-cuff improvisation. Lavishly layered ensembles display to best advantage a broad palette of tones both pastel and saturated, while sophisticated suiting asserts the label’s reputation for spontaneity through progressive proportion play.

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Sulvam - Black Wool Sleeve Scarf


Black Wool Sleeve Scarf