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A reaction to the fashion industry-wide green-washing, San Francisco-born menswear designer Spencer Phipps launched his own ecologically sustainable menswear label, Phipps. Frustrated by the lack of clothes that are both stylish and environmentally-conscious, the former Marc Jacobs and Dries Van Noten men’s designer decided to take matters into his own hands. Phipps is incredibly interested in operating through a traceable supply chain that places an immense focus on utilizing a mix of wholly sustainable materials. Raw textiles and natural dye pigments pair with slouchy, masculine silhouettes to create memorable and durable garments. Elsewhere, a very localized process is used in Mongolia to manufacture resoundingly handsome cashmere sweaters. T-shirts and hoodies crafted from organic and recycled cotton display illustrative info-graphics that further exemplify Phipps’ dedication to proliferating an environmentally-focused education. Slightly oversized trucker jackets composed from sustainable Californian hemp feature contrasting corduroy collars to round out the collection. The Paris-based brand continually pushes the boundaries in an attempt to change unhealthy attitudes within the fashion industry, working transparently to achieve activism through aesthetics.

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Phipps - Red Ascension Puffer Jacket


Red Ascension Puffer Jacket

$1050 $473

Phipps - Brown Guide Vest


Brown Guide Vest

$990 $545

Phipps - Blue & Red Organic Waterproof Jacket


Blue & Red Organic Waterproof Jacket

$1950 $1053