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NOR, Nature Of Reality, captures the contemporary eyewear zeitgeist with a collection of futuristic, gender-fluid small-frame designs. Canadian designer Orion Demetrioff debuted his forward-thinking label at the 2018 edition of the influential MIDO Milan Eyewear industry trade show, where it achieved instant recognition for its unique, philosophically-imbued aesthetic concept. Inspired by the transformative counter-culture phenomena of the last half-century, in particular the 70’s punk and 90’s rave scenes, Demetrioff reads eyewear fashion as a vehicle for meaningful change on the micro-level. Given that outlandish styles can incite unanticipated, radical social impact, Demetrioff strives for shapes realized ‘in another dimension’, so as to incite the promise of infinite possibilities. NOR’s resulting futurist look lies at the intersection of past influences while providing a gateway to new ways of living. Stainless steel frames are cast in nimble shapes, affecting a unique, sharp symmetry. Imbued with a genuine sense of the future, NOR takes the 90’s cyberpunk trend to an enduring and dynamic new plateau.

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NOR - Silver & Pink Alchemy Micro Sunglasses


Silver & Pink Alchemy Micro Sunglasses


NOR - Black Continuum Sunglasses


Black Continuum Sunglasses