At nineteen years of age, Warsaw-based designer Natalia Maczek began customizing t-shirts and sweatshirts for her friends under the alias MISBHV. Now a fully-fledged unisex brand, MISBHV continues to exude the youthful spirit and DIY ethos of Maczek’s original designs, pulling together seemingly incongruent elements of pop and sub cultures to form the label’s singular post-Soviet aesthetic. Aiming to bridge the realms of luxury fashion and streetwear the Polish brand’s avant-garde garments boast artisanal quality and premium European-sourced fabrics. Men’s reconstructed t-shirts, patterned button-up shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts reference the imagery of decades past with nostalgic, tongue-in-cheek graphics, while MISBHV’s denim offering and leather motorcycle jackets elevate wardrobe staples with experimental tailoring.

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