Keenkee Backpacks

Hyoungkee Kim leverages a bipartisan passion for sartorial and graphic design into a steadily-growing presence in the fashion world with Keenkee, a label whose early collections have secured a devout following and palpable buzz. Toying with cartoonish design elements and intriguingly avant-garde silhouettes, the ease with which Keenkee molds menswear’s established norms zeroes in on an understated method of experimentation. A distinct approach to proportion and thoughtfully-conceived colorways intimate youthful energy, though the intricacy of craft evidences a fully-matured design ethos. Filtering elements from workwear, streetwear, and laid-back formalwear through the brand’s distinctive aesthetic framework results in an singular strain of menswear, divorced from any of the associations attached to its reference points. Bold aesthetic statements are contrasted with cryptic, inconspicuous details such as asymmetric hems and subtly flared cuffs, in a careful balance of blatant eccentricity and soft-spoken innovation. Defined by tastefully-executed twists on commonplace garments, Keenkee’s youth culture-inflected menswear introduces a refreshing, modernized concept of sophistication.

There are currently no products available for Keenkee Backpacks.

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