Alain Mikli Paris T-Shirts

Alain Mikli Paris’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of designer optics dates back to 1978, establishing a legacy that has since been rife with era-defining eyewear moments and clout-securing celebrity endorsements. Spirited by a dramatic flair that exists in parallel to any dominant eyewear trends, Alain Mikli Paris’s quietly exuberant eyewear roster yields a sense of modern refinement that belies the label’s decade-spanning tenure in fashion. Unafraid to dabble in extravagance, the label’s eyewear freely indulges in the kinds of graphic flourishes typically reserved for larger-scale accessories, maximizing the level of experimentation alloted by the minimal components making up a pair of glasses. The pearloid textures that have been a recurring touchstone in past collections continue to add a dimension of scintillant glamor to familiar aviator and cat-eye shapes, while checkerboard patterns denote a kitsch factor that holds true to the brand’s legacy of decidedly quirky design. With nods to the past underscoring freshly-introduced ideas, the sustained relevance enjoyed by Alain Mikli Paris eyewear attests to the lasting power of an avant-garde vision.

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