Mistress of Suspense
feat. Thom Browne,
Balenciaga, and Prada

A Frame-by-Frame

  • Photography: Étienne Saint-Denis

How can suspense—so abstract and yet so acute—be identified without a physical agent? The ominous, slow turn of a doorknob, a phone that rings in the night. A suitcase packed in a hurry. Both a psychological state and a genre, suspense demands a vehicle. Like unexpected footsteps, just outside on the stairs, or a stranger’s coat hanging in the vestibule. Whose is it? How long have they been here? Limp and somehow foreboding, ordinary objects come to act as mediums for threat. They mean trouble.

More so, even the most everyday gestures are made tense in the vise of suspense. As a stand-off between restraint and revelation, suspense grabs hold. A watch, a shoe, a glove, the shadow of a gloved hand—they all tell a story...or solve a mystery. A key becomes a proxy. Objects conspire. They drive plot.

Featured In This Image: Nomia turtleneck. Featured In Top Image: Helmut Lang trench coat, Haider Ackermann dress and Prada keychain.

  • Photography: Étienne Saint-Denis
  • Styling: Olivia Whittick
  • Photography Assistant: Martin Beaulieu
  • Hair and Makeup: Andrew Ly / Teamm Management
  • Manicurist: Elfi Lemieux / Teamm Management
  • Model: Juliette Gariepy / Dulcedo
  • Production: Alexandra Zbikowski
  • Production Assistant: Ian Kelly
  • Location: Hotel Ambrose