Heron Preston x NASA: Streetwear for Outer Space

The Designer Collaborates with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Honor of the Organization’s 60th Anniversary

  • Photography: Othello Grey

Heron Preston’s 2016 collaboration with the New York Department of Sanitation was inspired by a plastic bag that brushed against his arm while he was swimming in the ocean. This time around he’s thinking bigger—about the future of space travel—an industry that stands at risk if we don’t find a way to manage a not-so-different type of garbage: space waste. In 1978, former NASA scientist Donald Kessler wrote a seminal paper warning of the dangers of manmade space debris. The Orbital Debris Program at NASA is responsible for researching and tracking the estimated half-a-million pieces of space debris currently orbiting the earth, from broken satellites, to tool bags, to Lego. We took the Heron Preston x NASA collection to Montreal’s Buckminster Fuller-designed Biosphere for a reminder that if we want to avoid stratospheric repercussions, we’ve got to learn to leave no trace, even in space.

  • Photography: Othello Grey
  • Styling: Romany Williams
  • Drone Operator: Patrick Côté / Drone Hexwing
  • Director of Photography: Alexandre Lacasse / Vax Films (Drone)
  • Photography Assistant: Devon Corman
  • Hair and Makeup: Ronnie Tremblay / Teamm Management
  • Models: Yamel Cabrera, Khalid
  • Production: Jezebel Leblanc-Thouin, Alexandra Zbikowski
  • Production Assistant: Erika Robichaud-Martel
  • Illustration: Tobin Reid (Collages)
  • Sound Design: Evan Allen James