Wearable Drawings
Elvira 'T Hart

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A recent grad of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s fashion program in Amsterdam, designer Elvira ‘t Hart is fusing the worlds of art and fashion with her Wearable Drawings – avant-garde pieces that appear to be sketched directly on the wearer. In fact, they’re not exactly drawn on: ‘t Hart translates them into 3-dimensional art objects by laser-cutting black leather and affixing it to sheer white fabric. The challenge, as she puts it, “was to see if and how these drawings would work as clothes and if they would be still recognizable as my drawings. Another challenge was to find materials to match the materials I draw with, and most of all be durable and comfortable to wear.”  

‘T Hart points out that typically when translating sketches into garments most of the original drawing is lost – the very thing she wanted to avoid. Her aim is to stay true to the sketch by retaining its original lines, and she values the interest inherent in imperfection. “It should look like it has been drawn directly on you,” ‘t Hart says about the work. “And should be pretty and interesting enough to frame and hang on a wall.”

‘T Hart released a partial collection at a show for young artists in Amsterdam this year. She plans to present another collection based on the same concept this summer.