Sushi - exclusive stream
James Ferraro

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Conceptual electronic producer James Ferraro digitally releases his latest album, Sushi, under L.A.-based label Hippos In Tanks, offering up an exclusive live stream for SSENSE before the record's physical releases in early December. With over twenty-nine full-length releases since his career took off in 2008, the New York-based producer has become famous for his innately experimental music which often acts as a vehicle for social commentary, riffing off-broad conventions and pastiching the genres that he works within.

Progressing from his early experimental lo-fi productions, Sushi explores a futuristic sound rooted in sci-fi R&B and hip-hop, reminiscent of the Inhale C-4 $$$$$ release under his previous BebetuneS moniker; the sound isembodied by the album’s debut single, SO N2U with wonky rhythms and chopped-up vocals that are at once familiar and yet completely new.

"Sushi is designer, Sushi is my obsessions, my darkness, it's just my life squeezed into my music" - James Ferraro