Models behind the lens
I'll Be Your Mirror debuts in London

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London’s Eb and Flow Gallery will be presenting the work of models Suki Waterhouse, Imogen Morris Clarke, and actor Reggie Yates, in an exhibition entitled I’ll Be Your Mirror, opening April 17th. Produced by NEXT Models and curated by Stuart Semple, the exhibition is inspired by the Velvet Underground song of the same name, and will act as a exploration of the personality and spirit of the subjects so often in front of the camera. NEXT Models has produced a teaser for the exhibition that lets the models and Yates explain the thinking behind their work. Waterhouse explains that her photographs stemmed from a desire to create something on her terms. Of the exhibition, she says, “I hope some people go home and feel a little Suki-fied. It’s a bit of me put out there on a wall.”

Yates adds that “We spend so much time in front of the camera, it’s great to be given the opportunity to say this is what our eye is drawn to, what we’re attracted to visually, and what we see as being great art. You don’t get many opportunities to do that when you’re the person that’s always being shot, so this is a great opportunity to show how we see the world.”

I’ll Be Your Mirror marks NEXT’s second venture into the world of art; in 2012 NEXT hosted Identity, a similar exhibition that featured mixed-media work from models Tali Lennox, Mark Waddleton, Polly Brown, and Harry Gilliam. The showcase was critically acclaimed for its fusion of the worlds of art and fashion.