Kinetica Art Fair
Ambika Art Space

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Returning for its fifth successful year as the UK’s only art fair dedicated to kinetic, robotic, sound and light-based art, Kinetica Art Fair opens this February 28th at London’s Ambika Multidisciplinary Art Space. Kinetica, a term derived from the broader concept of art involving movement, space, time, energy and matter, is a progressive art form that began in the 1900s, gaining popularity in the 1950s. Today, kinetic artwork employs technology to investigate and challenge universal exploration. This year the fair will showcase the work of over 45 galleries and art organizations from across Europe and Asia, presenting over 400 pieces, ranging from light installations, architectural models, and kinetic sound works to mechanical flipbooks, kinetic jewelry, and holographic art. Aside from the fair’s main exhibitions, Kinetica will also curate smaller side shows, including an Oxygen Artists Members showcase at the Kinetica Museum, featuring 10 up and coming artists, as well as the project’s first live online auction.

Among Kinetica’s catalogue of esteemed contemporary and avant-garde artists are Brooklyn-based low-tech industrial artist Gregory Barsamian, animatronic artist Tim Lewis, holographic designer Chris Levine and machinery-based large-scale installationist Christiaan Zwanniken, all of whom will present works that push the boundaries of art and science.