I Am Mugler

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Designer Nicola Formichetti has teamed up with Korean musician G-Dragon, also the frontman of the K-Pop band Big Bang, to create the soundtrack for his Fall 13 Mugler runway show, entitled I Am Mugler. Together, the pair distilled Formichetti’s own vision for the collection, interpreting his futurist inspirations as a compelling, percussive K-Pop track, powered by G-Dragon’s distorted vocals. In line with the release of the track, Formichetti released a teaser video that provides a behind-the-scenes look at the preparation for the Fall 13 show, including a detailed exploration of its principle element, the triangle. The shape recurs literally across the chest or shoulders of various pieces in the collection, while Formichetti also cites the three points of the triangle as symbolic of the three main components of the collection itself; Western traditional menswear, Asian pop-culture and a fantasy, sci-fi avatar world.

Formichetti is fearless in his choice of color palette, cutting entire looks in hues of onyx, royal blue, hot pink, and fluorescent green, and true to form, makes use of modern fabrications across statement pieces like military-precise suiting, futuristic full jumpsuits and armor-like vests; metallic woven jacquard, silk, PVC and leather glossed to a laminated effect emphasize the designer’s sci-fi inspirations. Watch the Fall 13 runway show at right, or listen to the track below.