Trickers SS13
3.1 Phillip Lim

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Phillip Lim presents Trickers, an explosive short film created by fashion photographer Jacob Sutton that provides an energetic overview of his upcoming Spring/Summer 13 mens collection. Never one to take a conventional approach to lookbooks - FW12 was depicted in the graphic Kill The Night comic - Lim showcases his 'Nipo-Brasileiro sub-culture' inspired collection through tricking - a unique mix of dance, floor gymnastics, traditional Japanese martial arts and Brazilian-born capoeira.

The film visualizes this inspiration in literal form; real-life 'trickers'  Micah Karns and Jason Mello perform acrobatic moves that showcase the clothes from all angles against a stark black backdrop. The visuals pulse with frequent tempo changes, working alongside the angular soundtrack which switches from breathy refrain to industrial beats, and accents a clear focus on the movement and flow of the pieces.

Spring/Summer 13 3.1 Phillip Lim will be available soon at SSENSE.