UK-born Vietnamese-Chinese rapper Triad God explores the culture of his Chinese heritage in his exclusive thirty minute mix. Triad God’s heavy rap basslines are interrupted by clever Cantopop references, opening with vocals from Hong Kong film The Next Dai Lo before mixing in La Caution’s Thé à la Menthe – the infamous track popularized by the film Ocean’s Twelve, layered under raï hip-hop from Algerian rappers Sinik and Cheb Bilal. His self-proclaimed inspiration from “Chinese love songs and Chinese rap music” is articulated throughout with interjections from the likes of icon Hong Kong’s Ivana Wong or Ekin Cheng’s soundtrack for late 90s films Young and Dangerous.

Despite being born and raised in New Cross, Vinh Ngan is heavily influenced by the sounds, sights and culture of China, resulting in innately downtempo productions complemented by his spoken word-style Cantonese rap that discusses his upbringing in the Triad brotherhood. Triad God's first LP, NXB released in May of this year under LA-based experimental label Hippos In Tanks, the home of electronic acts Nguzunguzu, James Ferraro and Physical Therapy.

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The Next Dai Lo The Boss - Film Soundtrack

La Caution Thé à la Menthe - Vincent Cassel's Laser Dance - Ocean's 12

Sinik ft Cheb Bilal & Big Ali Bienvenue Chez Les Bylka

Lil Silva Patience

Dizzee Rascal Gets "Merked"

Tupac ft Notorious B.I.G. Runnin' (Dying to Live)

Triad God I Never Told You - Why Bee Remix

Emtim Тазики с басом

Juke Ellington Let Me Love You

DJ Chuckie Nu Ga Je Dansen Klootzak

Ekin Cheng 知己自己

Ivana Wong 滿天星

Ekin Cheng 刀光剑影/风火海