Playing with resolutely ambient sounds and his signature dream pop diffusion, Vancouver-based DJ/producer Teen Daze's mix begins as a musical interpretation of the calm before the storm. Opening with his own track, Across a Sea of Suns (A), beatless, ethereal synth and experimental offerings from Harald Grosskopf and CFCF establish his self-described "celestial" mood, before breaking into danceable yet down-tempo beats from Oneohtrix Point Never, Fort Romeau and Kuhrye-oo.

Making his debut in 2010, Teen Daze's multitude of singles, remixes and EPs under labels like Arcade Sound Ltd, have earned him early acclaim as a leader in ambient electronic. Often influenced by literature, Teen Daze's 2011 EP with Waaga Records, A Silent Planet took inspiration from C.S. Lewis' Out of the Silent Planet, while his first full length album, All of Us, Together, which debuted in May under Lefse Records, was inspired in part by George Constable's Utopian Visions.

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Teen Daze Across A Sea Of Suns

Harald Grosskopf B. Aldrian

Heathered Pearls Approachable Pinnacles

CFCF Exercise 3 (Buildings)

Oneohtrix Point Never Nassau

Actress Ascending

Fort Romeau Say Something

Todd Terje Snooze 4 Love

Kuhrye-oo Give In (For The Fame)

Teen Daze for SSENSE

dj-ed live on a saturday afternoon, at my girlfriend's kitchen table, in the company of her cat, on the night of the super moon. feeling celestial.