Opening with the winding, soulful house of Berlin-based producer/composer Nicholas Desamory’s 2012 release, I Want to be Like You, Pharaohs’ exclusive forty minute mix develops languidly with their signature fondness for slow-motion vocals and warm, disco-influenced samples, including a leisurely hypnotic offering from Groovement-signed producer, Tiago. Quirky vocals from The Back Room’s The Definition of a Track interrupt the mix’s mesmerizing loop before breaking into bouncy, steady beats from the likes of Reese & Santonio, Luke Hess and The Field Mice.

The most recent addition to the Los Angeles-based indie electronic label, 100% Silk, Pharaohs is a live electronic project also based out of L.A. and comprised of producers Suzanne Kraft, Sam Cooper and – an acclaimed member of the progressive music imprint, Dublab – Ale Cohen. Uhh Uhh, Pharaohs debut four-track 12” released under 100% Silk in 2011 helped solidify the project’s funk-infused sound – a fitting precursor to their rumored forthcoming LP.

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Nicholas Desamory I Want To Be Like You

Tiago Ecstasy & Release

The Back Room The Definition of A Track

Bobby Konders Massai Woman

Paul McCartney Ou Est Le Soleil? (Tub Dub)

Reese & Santonio How To Play Our Music

Luke Hess Direction

Mim Suleiman Maji

The Field Mice It Isn't Forever

Owwwls for SSENSE

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