Patrice & Friends
aka Slackk

Patrice & Friends is the musical brainchild of Liverpool-native Paul Lynch – better known as Slackk, a leading light in the UK Grime scene - and is a unique distillation of Chicago juke and old-school funk. Assembling his exclusive mix from the project’s own productions, juke's trademark claps and hyper-rhythmic staccato-like drums battle looped-and-chopped 80s and 90s funk-tinged vocals – old favorites from the likes of Bobby Brown and CeCe Peniston are sampled and revitalized in this vigorous forty minute mix.

Lynch’s project emerged in the Fall of 2011 and, working with a team of anonymous “friends,” released the debut album Cashmere Sheets, followed in quick succession by Champagne Saunas, and most recently Cherry Sorbet under Sulk Records, with Patrice & Friends’ take on fast-paced footwork and disco-house earning critical acclaim for its unique yet familiar sound.

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Patrice & Friends Really Sure

Patrice & Friends So I Took It Upon Myself

Patrice & Friends Spellbound

Patrice & Friends Patron On Deck

Patrice & Friends Finish What We Started

Ill Cosby Slow Jam Hotline

Patrice & Friends Suddenly

Patrice & Friends Barmaid

Patrice & Friends Obvious

Patrice & Friends Let Me Explain

Patrice & Friends (I'm So Glad) That You're Mine

Patrice & Friends Cava On Your

Patrice & Friends Dancefloor Whispers

Bobby Brown Two Can Play That Game - Patrice & Friends Edit

Earl Tru Love

Patrice & Friends Gasp

Patrice & Friends Fresh Off The Jet

Patrice & Friends Low Ride

Patrice & Friends Patrice In SE

Jody Breeze The Way I Move

Patrice & Friends aka Slackk for SSENSE

the smooth wildly juxtaposes with the frenetic; think DJ Rashad's soul-sampling tracks taken to a totally illogical extreme, and you're in the right ball park.

Patrice & Friends aka Slackk