LA-based duo Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda, better known as Nguzunguzu (pronounced en-goo-zoo-en-goo-zoo) deliver a mix of driven basslines, smooth R&B and trip-hop beats filtered through cumbia-inspired percussion. Featuring tracks from their recent Warm Pulse EP alongside 90s hits from 112 and Jagged Edge, the mix is a directional distillation of their unique sound.

Asma, who earned early acclaim as M.I.A.'s tour DJ, and Daniel first came to recognition with mixtapes like Perfect Lullaby, followed by Moments In (which featured over 20 different remixes of the iconic Art of Noise track, Moments in Love), the pair have released on celebrated labels like Silverback, Innovative Leisure and Kingdom's Fade To Mind. Nguzunguzu's signature sound, renowned for its distinct fusion of house, heavy percussion and breaks was put to use by Japanese fashion house, Kenzo, for their Fall 12 runway show in Paris.

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Nguzunguzu Smoke Alarm (Dj Manny Remix)

Dj Trouble Fuck Um Up Jus Basics

Nguzunguzu Delirium (Check Up On it Remix)

Rizzla Psychoton

Massacooramaan Dancehall Princess

K-licious Unda Wata Riddim

Massacooramaan Solaris Riddim

Felix Leer Ball & Chain'd (Dj Junior Edit)

Nguzunguzu No Longer

112 Its Over Now

Vado I Got Em Hands Down (Instrumental)

Kalenna Go to Work (Kingdom Edit)

Unknown Hey Muma (Bhangra Remix)

Kingdom Bank Head

Samename Make It Hot at Nightfall (Nguzu Edit)

Arca 2 Blunted

Jagged Edge Walked Outta Heaven

Eliphino More than Me

Ciara Up & Down