LX Sweat

We were spellbound by City of Sweat, the quixotic debut LP from German producer LX Sweat, when it premiered earlier this summer. Its launch date was fitting: the album is a perfect rendering of summer's hazy warmth. A native German represented by Not Not Fun Records - the parent label of SSENSE favorite 100% Silk - LX Sweat's sound blends elements of trap, house, R&B and psychedelia, all of which results in dynamic "late night" music. He debuted under Not Not Fun in 2012 with the Sweat Sweat Sweat cassette, an eight-track release that put LX Sweat on the map thanks to a synth-driven number called "Touch Your Body." LX Sweat's latest single "V.I.P. L.I.F.E." dropped in May, featuring his signature sampling and screwed melody.

LX Sweat's mix for SSENSE channels the same sound as his City of Sweat album, featuring tracks from George Michael, Ian Isiah, Silk, Yen Tech, and Internet Club.

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Robbie M You've Been Acting Strange Lately

George Michael Fastlove

Ian Isiah Blindfolded

Polysick Haze

D-O-N Devil VS D-O-N

Silk Meeting In My Bedroom

Yen Tech No One Better

Internet Club Wave Temple

Ty Dolla $ign I Bet

The Egyptian Lover Get High (Get X'd, Get Drunk, Get Sex'd)

Actress Floating In Ecstasy

Lisa Fischer How Can I Ease The Pain

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore Black City Skyline