Brooklyn-based DJ/producer Ital’s deep house and techno mix draws upon the chugging beats and darker tone of his latest album, Hive Mind, released with UK’s Planet Mu in February of 2012, featuring a provocative intro featuring Scuba’s remix of Women of Color’s 1997 track, Birth. Balearic-style beats – courtesy of Ital’s remix of Aster’s Danza – weave into heavy infusions of Detroit techno from Jeff Mills and Anthony Shakir, alongside disco-tinged sounds from the likes of Sound Stream and Mark E, before exploding into an unexpected offering of hardcore experimental from Black Dice.

Before making his debut under the moniker Ital, Daniel Martin McCormick earned early acclaim making synth pop productions as Sex Worker, alongside an on-going dancepunk project with Damon Palermo as Mi Ami. Ital’s release, Ital’s Theme under Not Not Fun’s sublabel 100% Silk, drew inspiration from Dutch electro, cultivating an upbeat, quirky sound that contrast the dark, deep beats in his current productions - Ital's new LP Dream On will be available in November on Planet Mu.

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Women of Color Birth - Scuba's Water Birth Mix

Tony Allen Ole - Moritz Von Oswald Remix

Paranoid London Unknown

Mysterious NYC Jam

Cooly G Phat-Si

Sound Stream Making Love

Unknown Unknown

Aster Danza - Ital Remix

Unknown Unknown

Mark E Slave 1

Anthony 'Shake' Shakir Unknown

Jeff Mills I9

Black Dice Semen of the Sun

These are mostly cuts I've picked up on the road recently. The A side for the Women of Color track is one of the most bizarre, tacky pieces of music ever put to tape, but Scuba's water birth mix is fuckin' deep as hell. Jealous. The Moritz is an old old fav, the Paranoid London is brand new to me and whoooo. Killer vox. Cooly is my hero, Linkwood seems like a Cool Guy, Chicago is ever-jacking, and the Black Dice song is an old fav.