How to Dress Well

Brooklyn-based experimental pop artist Tom Krell - better known as How To Dress Well - pairs his penchant for ethereal R&B with diverse, dynamic electronica and dark, conceptual downtempo for his exclusive SSENSE mix. An eclectic introduction features two sections of American composer Steve Reich’s Music for Eighteen Musicians before meandering into contemporary pop-R&B hits from Brandy and Rihanna, as well as a quiet instrumental cover of Britney Spears’ 90s single Everytime. Eerie vocals from the likes of Swedish duo Lorentz & M.Sakaria, swirl and are contrasted by the aggressive flow of rappers Gucci Mane, The Dream and Pusha T that punctuate the hour run time.

Renowned for his R&B-infused emotive take on electronic music, Tom Krell released his first free EP, The Eternal Love in 2009 before producing six other EPs throughout that year and signing to Lefse Records in 2010. Krell's debut full length, Love Remains, released under Lefse and Tri Angle Records in Europe and Asia that thrust the Brooklyn-native into the limelight, and since, he has earned notoriety for his mixtapes – like his recent Release Yourself mix that included remixes of CFCF and A$AP Rocky – and his second full-length LP, Total Loss, released on Achephale and Weird World to mass critical-acclaim.

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How to Dress Well Cold Nites (Koreless remix)

Steve Reich Section X

Steve Reich Section XI

Brandy Do You Know What You Have?

R. Kelly and Jeremih Misunderstood (LOL Boys Edit)

JJ Baby (Lorentz & M.Sakarias Cover)

Colophon First Day Back From Brooklyn

Britney Spears Everytime (Instrumental)

Gucci Mane Truth

The KLF Whicita Lineman Was a Song I Once Heard

Rihanna Diamonds

Andy Stott Up The Box

Cocaine 80s, MaSE, Pusha T & The-Dream Higher

Rihanna ft Future Loveeeee Song

CocoRosie We Are On Fire

Father Oil

Inc. 5 Days

Owwwls for SSENSE

These are a bunch of pieces of music over which I've obsessed during the past few months. Super inspiring and super beautiful, all very evocative.

How to Dress Well