Heathered Pearls

Polish-born Brooklyn-based producer Jakub Alexander, better known by his stage name, Heathered Pearls' ambient mix of progressive, steady rhythms and hypnotic basslines opens with a synth-driven offering from the Hyperdub-signed new wave project, Darkstar, before articulating smoother soundscapes, kickless beats and ethereal vocals from the likes of CircleSquare, Tropic of Cancer and Planetary Assault Systems. Swedish producer Mokira's experimental single, Time Track remixed by Silent Servant filters in a contemporary take on ambient electronic filled with hazy static followed by tracks from fellow Ghostly International-signed duo Lusine + Wingo.

After years spent DJing alongside industry leaders Matthew Dear and Ryan Elliott in Michigan, Jakub Alexander launched his own left-field electronic label, Moodgadget, with friend Adam Hunt in 2004, signing artists like Teeel, Faux Pas, André Obin and Mogi Grumbles. His full-length LP, Polite Isle, which he produced as Jakub Alexander, was released on Dear's label, Ghostly International in 2011, before he made his debut working creatively as Heathered Pearls. His first album, Loyal, drops this week on Ghostly International.

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Darkstar Nowhere #1

CircleSquare 7 Minutes

Kangding Ray A Protest Song

Tropic of Cancer More Alone

The Soft Moon Parallels

Planetary Assault Systems Railer (Further Exploration)

Byetone Capture This (Part II)

Shed The Praetorian (LP Mix)

Mokira Time Track (Silent Servant Remix)

Terrence Dixon Emergency

Fort Romeau Nights Bridge

Blanck Mass Chernobyl

Lusine + David Wingo Locks

Drifter Drifter's Stone

Billow Observatory Bilocation part 2

Heathered Pearls for SSENSE