Montreal producer and DJ, CFCF offers a synth-heavy blend of acoustic instrumental samples and down-tempo progressions, combining tribal percussions with his signature ethereal sound. The emotive mix features subtle, classic hip-hop instrumentals from American producer, DJ Shadow, as well as exclusive edits made from unlikely pairings of Yoko Ono with Tangerine Dream and Nicolas Makelberge with Deep Forest.

Montreal-native Michael Silver's unofficial remixes set his careen in motion, with his first commercial production, You Hear Colours released in 2008 under Acéphale Records, the acclaimed label home to electronic acts How to Dress Well, Elite Gymnastics and Korallreven. CFCF's first full length album, Continent, was released in 2009 with Toronto-based independent label, Paper Bag Records, solidifying his atmospheric sound and unique, eclectic infusion of subtle piano riffs. His latest EP, Exercises, is a quiet, minimalist interpretation of beatless electronica.

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Kawai Kenji Unnatural City

DJ Shadow Hindsight

David Sylvian Awakening (Songs From The Treetops)

Blondes Pleasure (Andy Stott Remix)

Nicolas Makelberge/Deep Forest Invasion/Sweet Lullaby

Tangerine Dream/Yoko Ono Mother of Tears

Opus IV

The KLF 3 AM Eternal (Blue Danube Orbital Mix)

Elite Gymnastics h e r e i n h e a v e n 6 (Anime Skyscraper Remix)

Korallreven The Truest Fade (CFCF 2012 Remix)

Octo Octa/Moby Memory Hive

Kuedo/YMO/Harmonizer/Jokers of the Scene/Babe Rainbow/Tricky Truth Flood Suite

Sun Araw Crete

Robert Fripp Water Music II

Peter Gabriel Here Comes the Flood

i tried to weave a narrative thread into the mix. the song titles alone tell a story: a city, an awakening, an invasion, a flood. the songs are a cross-section of my own obsessions and trends old and current, a flood of memories.