Uno's Guide to the Unknown

UNO NYC's label head shares his favorite undiscovered artists

Before Charles Damga founded the famously avant-garde New York-based electronic imprint UNO, he was making his way in the industry promoting parties and working for record labels. Since founding UNO just a couple years ago, Damga has partnered with hip-hop's latest phenomenon Mykki Blanco, acting as Mykki's working manager. The pair met through a friend of the label, producer Daniel Fisher (aka Physical Therapy), who introduced Damga to Mykki and the Mutant Angels, the industrial band in which Mykki was the vocalist, and Fisher the drummer. From their mutual enthusiasm about creating what Damga calls "different music," the partnership has flowed naturally. Such sonic and aesthetic uniqueness - the building blocks of Damga's "different music" - is essential to the UNO label, both for its performance and its notoriety in the music community. The multitude of forward-thinking artists affiliated with UNO are proof of that; Physical Therapy, Gobby, Jacques Greene, Fatima Al Qadiri, Kuhrye-oo, and Arca, to name a few, are all acts that were hand-picked by Dagma himself. Herewith, Damga shares five of his favourite under-heard, as yet undiscovered artists.

James K

“Awesome new artist that sang on Physical Therapy's Drone On and has been killing it with new productions produced by a few of UNO's own and herself.”

Blue Angels

“One of my favorite mysterious artists from the SoundCloud depths. I don’t know his name, location or anything relevant. Physical Therapy got in touch with him about a Dis Mix last year. I keep checking in with him each quarter about signing but he responds like 1 out of 5 times, alas.”

Ian Isiah

“New UNO on the horizon, be sure to watch his newest video - it's a trip! Very exciting things coming, he will be our new, twisted pop star.”


“Great producer who just relocated from Berlin, definitely interested to see his work with Dan Bodan and solo stuff develop. This won’t be such an unknown to Europeans but he's going to do things in the US soon.”


“Mykki's first group before the Mutant Angels, one of my favorite performance artists in NYC. They were electric and spontaneous and really fun.”

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