• Forever 3.1

    Behind the scenes with Phillip Lim on the set of his Fall campaign

    Photos: But Sou Lai

  • Forever 3.1 - Behind the Scenes with Phillip Lim

    Phillip Lim’s darkly lush campaign video is aptly named. Sonomama translates as something like “as you are” in Japanese, neatly encapsulating a film that pays homage to the collection's inspiration, the girlfriends of the racer generation, those leather-clad motorcycle devotees. Shot on location in Tokyo, Sonomama stars the spectacular actress Kiko Mizuhara and Louis Simonon, son of The Clash’s Paul Simonon, alongside the boys from the infamous Black Shadows, a Japanese rockabilly gang known for their weekly dance parties in Yojoji park. The film came to us with something like a koan, for under the title were the words "as the way it is/as it is/ as the way you are/as you are"...

    We asked Phillip Lim to tell us a little more about the meaning behind those words and the making of the film. Click through for our interview and more behind-the-scenes images.

  • as the way it is/as it is/ as the way you are/as you are”... what do these words mean to you?

    It was really a development of the philosophy of ‘Wabi Sabi’ that I have always been interested in – this notion of questioning who you are. Always being asked to define yourself or fit into a box. ‘Wabi Sabi’ and ‘Sonomama’ are both steeped in the idea that you remain and stand for who you are – never changing.

    What is it about the beautiful Kiko Mizuhara and Louis Simonon that embody the spirit of this season?

    They both have a classic sense of madness! I am and have always been naturally drawn to a certain presence that both Kiko and Louis possess. Their genius lies in the natural way in which there exists refinement and chaos in one simple stroke.

    How did you discover the Black Shadows?

    We had traveled to Tokyo the year before and they did an impromptu performance at a little pop-up bar I had designed. There was something arresting about their real commitment to what they do that really made me want to look at them more.

    Different cities and different trips inspire in different ways. How did this trip to Tokyo inspire you?

    In so many ways – every trip I take there I am inspired, from simple things to the food you eat there to the more complex ideas of culture and honor.

    This beautiful video seems to be about the here-and-nowness of youth. Do you think that Tokyo or Tokyo’s youth culture have a special way of expressing that?

    Absolutely. I have a certain difficulty living with the absence of that in today’s youth so I am always looking at places that still embrace that and the idea of tribes.

    Who is the racer generation?

    Its spirit exists in all of us, look around – there is an irreverent streak in us all.

    Thank you Phillip!

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